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May 2017 passive income

May2017 Udemy income: $134.06 May2017 Skillshare income: $11.95 Nothing special for this month, Udemy income drop to around $100 is normal since I think not many people are interested in my course, but I will produce new course soon

April 2017 passive income

April2017 Udemy income: $194.99 April2017 Skillshare income: $3.66 yeah, both Udemy and Skillshare income drop, I guess this is normal because you cannot predict the market and maybe one month higher than the other. This month I do not release any new product yet because progress is slow

March 2017 passive income

March2017 Udemy income: $320.29 March2017 Skillshare income: $6.72 Ok, both udemy and skillshare have increased from last month, I think for the case of Udemy is because they did tons of promotion and discount this month For skillshare I think just lucky have more visitor than last month My new course is not done yet… Read More »

February 2017 passive income

Sorry about the late update because apparently no body read this blog, so I am very demotivated to update, but I will keep doing it February2017 Udemy income: $180.7 February2017 Skillshare income: $3.47 Ok, the skillshare income drop tremendously because more competition I think I am still trying to build my new course, the progress… Read More »

January 2017 Passive income

Ok, just a quick update January2017 Udemy income: $219.18 January2017 Skillshare income: $11 seem like Udemy done a lot of promotion and discount on January thats why my sales higher, so hopefully I can get more new course up

December 2016 Passive Income Report

So sales on December 2016 is slower because Udemy did not do any promotion. On the last day of December I am glad to publish my fourth Udemy Course “Animal Path Finding Tutorial” and it generated 2 sales worth $4.6.   Udemy Income Udemy earning for November2016: $101.3 Skillshare Income Skillshare dont have much traffic,… Read More »

November 2016 Passive Income Report

For the month of November it is a special month because Udemy done a lot of promotion such as black friday promotion and my sales went up almost 8x, but once it reached December the sales becomes slow. On November 2016 I have 3 courses sitting on Udemy and I am glad that all 3… Read More »


Hello everyone, My name is fred and I have been working as a programmer for 12 years, in my free time, I love to code some games. However, to achieve financial freedom, we cannot count on active income alone because when we get sick or get old, our income will stop, so here I am… Read More »