February 2017 passive income

By | April 5, 2017

Sorry about the late update because apparently no body read this blog, so I am very demotivated to update, but I will keep doing it

February2017 Udemy income: $180.7
February2017 Skillshare income: $3.47

Ok, the skillshare income drop tremendously because more competition I think

I am still trying to build my new course, the progress is slow like usual but I am trying my best

Big mistake about this blog is that by default all wordpress is not google friendly, meaning by default it do not allow google to index the site and not allow google to rank the site, thats why my blog have zero traffic from google from the beginning september2016 until now

I just recently google like hell for solution and only now I know how to set it to allow google index, pity me

2 thoughts on “February 2017 passive income

  1. Tom

    Definitely not a dead blog! I just added this to my favorites list. I will certainly be popping in from time to time! Do you have any tutorials for the Udemy / Skillshare? That’s a fantastic amount of money from them!

    1. fred Post author

      Hi, I dont have any tutorial but I used free software OBS as my screen recorder then i just upload my video to skillshare and udemy


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