Monthly Archives: April 2017

March 2017 passive income

March2017 Udemy income: $320.29 March2017 Skillshare income: $6.72 Ok, both udemy and skillshare have increased from last month, I think for the case of Udemy is because they did tons of promotion and discount this month For skillshare I think just lucky have more visitor than last month My new course is not done yet… Read More »

February 2017 passive income

Sorry about the late update because apparently no body read this blog, so I am very demotivated to update, but I will keep doing it February2017 Udemy income: $180.7 February2017 Skillshare income: $3.47 Ok, the skillshare income drop tremendously because more competition I think I am still trying to build my new course, the progress… Read More »