September 2016 Passive Income Report

By | November 6, 2016

My first product is an online course “how to create a multiplayer games from scratch”, it took me 3 months to prepare this, since my hobby is games programming so I think why not just teach game programming. The games have been created 2 years ago and I think it will be a good tutorial to teach new comer to the world of multiplayer games programming, but due to this is┬áthe first time I am creating an online course it take me quite some times to figure out how to use the obs to record screen and others obstacles. This course took 4 rejection from Udemy team and 4 modification before it was approved to be released. I am very glad it was finally released and I dont know what to expect.


After sitting on the Udemy for a month, I made $31.81 from the course, I am very happy about it because finally I am able to make some passive income from Udemy


Udemy Income

Udemy earning for September 2016: $31.81

Skillshare Income

Beside releasing it into Udemy, I also release my course into skillshare, however, skillshare need you to have at least 25 student before you can start making any money, so I released my course as free until it reach 25 student before turning it into a premium course


Skillshare earning for September 2016: $1.5

My Skillshare Page


Total Passive Income

total passive income for September 2016: $33.31


You can see all my product on the “My Product” tab

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