October 2016 Passive Income Report

By | November 6, 2016

So with some money earned on September, I was really pumped to create more course. So In the month of October I was working more harder and was able to create another 2 new courses, one is “My forex strategy that consistently winning”, another one is “Blender and Unity: How to make low poly animal that shoot”


Due to my 2 new course was released very late in the month of October, the 2 new courses generate 0 while my “multiplayer games online course” generated $46.12 for me


Udemy Income

Udemy earning for October2016: $46.12

Skillshare Income

Skillshare dont have much traffic, however I was delighted it was generating $30.54 for me


Skillshare earning for October2016: $30.54

My Skillshare Page


Total Passive Income

total passive income for October2016: $76.66


You can see all my product on the “My Product” tab

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